Feeding the cold, the hungry, the meatless.

The Most Interesting Man (in Canyon County).

Has-been golfer, finest maker of Tiramisu for fundraisers in the Treasure Valley…. there’s a lot of things I do from pretty good to well but cooking and doing so with hubris ranks right up there. So, becoming a contestant on the Great Food Truck Race for Season 10 was just another great link in a stellar chain of mediocre but flashy accomplishments in my life.   

But you aren’t here to hire me as a actor, so let’s talk about that obscure golfing career and some other sordid career pursuits, current and present.

Check out Nate at the Tower Grill in Nampa Idaho, do it.
  • Expedition Chef-If you want me to cook for you anyplace in the world, I can do that (as long as it’s not a country I was banned from).
  • Catering-Weddings, Fundraisers, Funerals, Divorces, Graduations, Baby Showers, Grand Openings, Corporate, anyplace people in groups want to eat great food.
  • Glamping Packages-Here in Idaho, we know a thing or two about cougars, and how to feed them. If you and your special friends are looking for some scenery, I’m your guy (and I can also show you some beautiful places to set up camp).
  • Speaking/Demonstrations-If you are looking for a demonstration for your group on back-country cooking, prep, or anything else I know something about, let me know what’s in it for me and let’s talk.