For about 4 years, my friend Barbara Sidway has been trying to get me to come and participate in the Taste of Baker, and now I know why!

The town closes its main street and lines up 34  food vendors / restaurants, to serve a “one bite” to the patrons who buts tokens for $1.  So the plan was set and I am going to be the guest chef for the Geiser Grand Hotel. I decide to serve Tri Tip with Chimichurri and a Brown Butter Brown Sugar Grilled peach, topped with my “world famous” Huckleberry Peanut Butter BBQ sauce. 

So with my books, hats for sale, and a trusty assistant from the Hotel , Josh, we sell out within the first hour, as the lines were sometimes 25 long waiting to get my bites. Adding to the angst, I had to let the Tri Tip rest for 10 minutes each time.
The people of Baker were very kind having an outsider participate in their flagship community event, really personifying the “main street America” feel the whole town has.

The Geiser Grand Hotel

In the middle of all this, Barbara and her head chef Eric and I decide that we would like to do a Wild Chef inspired dinner at the Hotel. Wild game like Boar and Elk have been chosen ads the main proteins. It will be epic and we are expecting about 250 people. Stay Tuned for the details!
Its nice to be recognized for my Food Network experience, as people were curious and telling me I’m kind of a big deal. But please, I know that, you don’t have to tell me (I’ll tell you)!

Eat Well Outdoors, #saucysteve

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