What did I get myself into? I arrive at the hotel, and immediately I have given up control of my life. At least I didn’t have to do it alone, besides my two comrades in pain and suffering on the Frank n Slides team, there are 24 more souls just like myself with that deer in the headlights look. The only thing worse than being confused, is being confused alone.

We are in a Food-Truck-on-TV boot camp with producers, assistants and such barking orders like drill sergeants (OK, that’s a little extreme). They are nice folks, but the first thing I noticed is that Television is NOT efficient, business-wise, at least the making of it. I do see that the results are amazing, but when you are in it you think, what the crap?

 Our first attempt at cooking on the food truck was the Beach Bite challenge; make a dish that represents frolic and fun on the beach. Previously I had borrowed a recipe from Craig called a Egg Roll S’more, and I had made it for trail crew in the White Cloud Mountains of Idaho. Craig wants to us to lead with that item, and of course I am ALL IN! I know in my heart we will win this challenge with this dish!

 We are given a reasonable amount of time to prepare for the 10 guest judges. Their reactions confirm my confidence. Seeing some of the other truck’s dishes from a distance, I think there is a lot of talent here. Next to us was a Vegan-themed truck, and they produce a beautiful grilled ear of corn. I thought, well that is very nice, in fact amazing but it doesn’t push the culinary boundaries and its not really a summer Beach bite. I am feeling very confident.

 Well, we along with the other 7 trucks are shocked when we got beat by a @#$%#* ear of corn! An ear of corn, won the Summer Beach Bite challenge. OK, really, what did I get myself into?

 Additionally, we are beset by our truck challenges. Our fryer only worked when it wanted to (kind of like a millennial), and when it rained it also rained through the roof of our Food truck. It feels certainly feels like we are going home.

 So, by now, you know that we made the first cut, on to Hilton Head Island South Carolina! We were just happy to make it here period, and now we are on to the next event!

Stay tuned to see how we did next week, on Season 10 of the Great Food Truck Race.


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