What the Taylor Swift are we doing here? Three middle-ish age white guys from Idaho, on a food truck on the East Coast selling dogs, sliders and fries to girls 1/2 our age, (and their boyfriends too). Well I know the reason that I was there, and it’s because, I said yes.

Now over the years I have cooked a lot of things in a lot of different places. Trail side, mountainside, camp site, and more, but believe it or not, I had never cooked on a food truck before. Yup, that’s right. I had zero, zilch, nada experience on a food truck, and very little live television experience (except for that one role in the ’70’s, but they shut that club down and I’m not really supposed to talk about it).

But here I am.

Here WE are. Three Idaho boys; a veteran, an electrician and a cook-book author walk into a food truck (hey, this sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke…) and take part in the filming of The Great Food Truck Race, Season 10. We are Frank n’ Slides, and we are here to cook our collective butts off and put smiles on faces with food.

I’m watching it right along with you all, so here’s my hard-boiled impressions of Episode 1, Season 10 of the Great Food Truck Race.

First things first, I was a little shocked the first time I saw myself on TV. I think most people are, but it was really eye-opening for me. The years have gone by, and I must admit I don’t look the same on camera as I do in my head. I really look a whole lot better! I think most people feel this way, but you are never truly prepared until it happens to you. So the first few minutes of the episode I was a little distracted….but you came here for details and dirt so here we go.

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